Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Norfolk

Was working late so me and Gugustin decided to head round to the Norfolk on Cleveland Street for $3 TACO NIGHTTTTT!
When we first walked into the front bar I was thinking that it was a bit of a dive - but then as we walked around to the back bar and out to the garden section I was impressed... Heaters and beetlejuice couches and lots of smoking and drinking! So we got some drinks, found a spot and had a look at the menu. We decided on a pork taco each, a beef taco each, the mini hotdogs and some fries.
The taco's were really good, and bigger than the excelsior taco's, spicy and saucy and delicious. The fries were crinkle cut and really crispy and double fried. And the hotdogs were covered in this crispy fried oniony potato rings (i have no idea what it actually was, but it was delish) and had this cucumber relish underneath, soaking up the ketchup and mustardy goodness... Pretty outrageous but fairly tiny (especially compared to the excelsiors' cheesy monster hotdogs).
Could definitely be our new summer haunt but the beer garden was filled with some really saps, the most annoying of which was sitting at our table, ruining our buzz with his shit head. Lol
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Location:Cleveland St,Surry Hills,Australia