Friday, August 27, 2010

€2 choco bargains ahoy

cadbury's (double!) chocolate fingers - €1
toffeepops - €1

oh wowowowowow

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Leeeeeedl basil plants

Only 99c for an amazing big fragrant basil plant in Lidl - they're twice the size of the ones you get in tesco for €1.69 and it actually looks like it will grow after you get it home.

This week, I will be mostly eating: cheese, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil with tuna.... YUMMMMMMMMM!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clearance bargains - possibly the biggest joy of my life (sadly)...

Jesus do I love a 'clearance' shelf!?

Tesco's fills theirs about 3 times a day in the tesco beside my work... their bargains arent usually amazing but a 40% discount is still good I suppose (you just have to make sure that whatever you're buying is still in a good condition or will be eaten the same day).

I also went into boots today to buy a nail clippers and some metal nail files, the nail files were €2.65... a bit pricey I thought. Anyway I looked down and underneath where they were hanging was a clearance basket! I nearly did a little wee with the excitement. Metal nail files for 50 cent each! Exactly the same as the €2.65 ones above. So I bought 2 - one for my handbag and one for work, plus the nail clippers for €1.60... coming to a total of €2.60 for all three things!

BARGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! points rewards scheme

Sign up to, book your restaurants online, and review them after you've been - and menupages gives you points which you can redeem against restaurant vouchers and 2 for 1 deals!
The only thing I like more than food is FREE FOOD (or booze).

Cheapo mexi-feast on today!

"€3.20 instead of €8 worth of any burritos, tacos or quesadillas to have in or take away from Burritos and Blues - Save 60%"

Get all your mates to sign up for this too and you get €6 for each friend referred, so you pretty much get 2 free burrito's for free!
Love that shit.

Another day, another bargain...

Right well, since I'm back in Dublin and broke as usual, I've decided to set up a Dublin bargain blog - since there's a RECESSION going on and I'm pretty bloody good at finding bargains.

I hope there's other Dublinites out there who are interested in reading this, coz if not then I'll keep my bloody bargains to myself.

I will leave the previous blog entries from 'Grantack' coz I find them amusing, feel free to ignore them if you are here looking for bargains in Dublin (Ireland).