Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soggy nuts - yummm!

A few years ago, when a wiley naturopath asked me if I had tried soaking my nuts, I casually replied 'no it's just the way my trousers hang'.
I scarcely thought about that sexy day ever again until I saw these 'activated nuts' in the health food store yesterday for $10 a bag and I decided to do some investimagating.... Turns out that lady wasn't just a pervy crackpot, and after a spot of rampant googling I found out that all nuts and seeds should be soaked before we humans eat em, otherwise they can be difficult to digest.... See clipping below:
"All nuts (and seeds) have an enzyme inhibitor that keeps them from sprouting into the tree, bush or plant that they carry inside of them. Once they are planted in the ground and given some water, the enzyme inhibitor is destroyed and the nut/seed can begin to sprout."
So I decided to give it a whirl, since I am a dab hand with a sprouting jar anyway, whats the worst that can happen?! I dragged my trusty sprout jar from the back of the pantry from whence it had been recently relegated, due to the wintery weather and promptly got to work... I put them in the jar 2 parts water to 1 part almonds, soaked them overnight and then rinsed and drained them this morning and they were awesome... I thought they might taste a bit gross but actually theyre sweeter and nicer than normal nuts.
Now I'm planning to make activated nut butter to spread on my toast with my freshly whizzed 'date and raisin chai spiced puree' that I made in my new blender last night.
Will let you know how it all goes... I can tell you're as excited as I am to hear the results. Teehee.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanon KhaoSan, Bondi branch!

Me and Dandelle got ourselves some vouchers for this place last week so we decided to use one on Tuesday night and oh my! - it was a feast spectaculare!!

A whole fried fish in a red curry sauce with some broccoli, delicious tom yum goong soup for two, some rice paper rolls with hoi sin sauce, and a seafood platter with calamari, mussels, scallops and fried fish bites! It also came with two (non alcoholic) drinks/shakes and desert - coconut ice-cream and red bean roll. Yummmmmm and all this for only $39!! I <3 dealz!!

Another pic of the whole fried fish in curry sauce... Freaking delish!

Location:Hall St, Bondi

Friday, August 5, 2011

The bondi social

Super super tired after nearly a month of getting up at 6am 6 days a week for work and drinking pretty much every night so just a quick post about the bondi social. We went down last night coz Dandelle had heard it was a good spot and I was expecting it to be a kicking bar but it's actually a restaurant and bar with a nice wine and cocktail list including a spicy coconut Thai cocktail but I didn't have the stomach (or the budget) to sample it last night so we just stuck to a bottle of NZ Pinot Gris and the most expensive bottle of San Pellegrino I've ever encountered ($8 - ridic or na?). Got the best table in the house,

right on the corner or the terrace, under a heater with a view of the whole of bondi beach only marred by those weird Xmas trees along by the road. It was loverly but unfortunately our waiter was an imp nymph gimp and the terrace closed at 11 so we ended up in bb's (ugh) and then the bondi rd hotel (ugh ugh). Ripped my amazing new tights, smoked 20 fags, drank way too much whisky and dry, had to take a taxi home coz it was almost 1.30am when I realised the time and I had to get up at 5.30am and drive to work.... Which i did, crosseyed and stuffing a crumpet into my face to soak up the booze incase i got breathalysed.... Oh well, all in a fri nights work.

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Location:Campbell parade, bondi